Monday, July 14, 2008

Message from the Angels, You are Beautiful

Beloved Ones,
We are so happy that you have come to this place to hear about how beautiful you are to us. We see you as brilliant Lights in the places you go. You are each so loved, and so supported.
We ask of you to remember to ask of us anything that you need. We are here to help you gain everything you wish that will bring you Happiness and Joy. We love to see you in Joy, in Love, in Happiness, because your lights shine ever so much brighter, and ever so much more beautiful! Can you imagine for a moment, that your Light shines out into the furthest reaches of the cosmos ..... can you imagine what it is to see you all as twinkling, beautiful lights? It brings the Angels such joy!!
Thank you for taking this into your hearts, know how beautiful you are.
We are here to help you, ask for what you want and let us get to work on it for you!!
Sweet Blessings!!


Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Ask the Angels!!! Feel free to post your questions of the Angels!!

Sheila Satin said...

I feel like there is a major positive change brewing in my life. What is going on and when will I get to the other side?

Sheila :)

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hi Sheila,
We love this question!! Yes, you are in the middle of change, and have been for some time... you are the Light of the New Consciousness, a for-runner if you will, and there is much change within this position you have chosen!!
Because you go ahead of so many others, you are navigating the path, blazing the trail.
You have been stirring up your creative juices, and this opening new doors, and new opportunities. You have gathered around you loving people, there is so much love around you, and when you gather love on the earthly plane, we Angels are even closer to you!!
Your new projects you have taken on will continue to grow.. and become very sucessful, more so than even now. This is because many people need what you have, simple as that.
Feel free to settle into your space for now... let yourself find ease an peace, more changes are on the way.. but as you allow yourself to settle in peace, these changes become more gentle, effortless.
When will you get to the other side? You are in between already... you walk inbetween and you can choose which side to be on at any given momet. There is no getting to anywhere.. you are already there.
We love you, we adore you, we cherish you, and we thank you for everything that you are doing to bring heaven to earth.
Blessings from the Angelic Realm.

kelly said...

Hi Michelle, It's Kelly Quinnine. I hope your doing well, looks like it :. My question for the Angels is am I on the right path with my business that I started or do I need some guidance on what next steps I should to have more access to other people so they can know about my services.

Celestial Star said...

how do I prepare for my return to living in europe? what is the time frame?