Monday, January 11, 2010

2010: Ask the Angels!!

Please post your question here, by clicking on "Comments" below, and the Angels will get back to you as soon as possible with their answers for you!!  It's Free!!  :)
We are so excited to hear from you!

Much Love to everyone in 2010!!


Katy said...

Which office space is the best for me? Do I only look in Petaluma for office space? Thanks, Michele

valerie said...

Hi Michele! I just posted a question for the angels on one of your earlier posts, then saw this one!! I have a question I would love to ask the angels: is moving forward with purchasing my loft in LA the right decision for me? I've been meditating on it, but still feel nervous... not sure if it is just cold feet or if my angels are trying to tell me to wait for what life unfolds :)

Love you!

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hi Valerie,
It is so nice to hear from you!!
Thank you for asking a question of the Angels.
The Angels say:
"The LA area is a good place for you to be. The energy there is perfect for your creative nature, and for being on the cutting edge.
We see a perfect place for you that has a breeze from the ocean. It may not be close to the ocean, but the breezes blow to you at this new location. If you have not found this space yet, ask us to show you and we will lead you right to it.
You are stepping out into new territory, but it is the right move for you. Your nervouseness is normal, and we will send you peace as you make this transition.
We say.. Go For It!!!
We love you always,
The Angels"

I hope this helped you, Valerie, let me know how you are doing!!
Lots of Love,

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hi Katy,
Thank you so much for asking a question!!
The Angels say,
"Open up to a wider area in looking for office space. The perfect place is waiting for you. We see trees and water near your new office space.
Ask us to help, and we will show you your new office within three days.. all you need to do is ask us, and we will get on the job right away!
We also want you to know that you are doing wonderful work, and we support you fully in your endeavors.
We Love You,
The Angels"

I hope this helps, and I hope you are doing wonderfl!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Beautiful Michele, It's been such a long time but life has taken us far appart. I miss all the times we shared but I am so fortunate to be able to look back at such fond memeories. I really dislike living in Illinois for so many reason. I have always dreamed of living in CA and how many people actually get to live their dreams, if only for a short while? I don't have any questions for the angels. I try to listen my guides and know they will put me where I am needed most. Sometiems I feel very lost and alone but I know deep down that I will be where I am needed soon enough. I think what you are doing is such a lovely thing for people. I am going to email everyone I know with a link to your page. I hope it brings in some buisness for you :)
Love, Light & Healing

Christine said...

What specific focus should me work take now? What should I specialize in? Christine

Frances said...

Hi Michele! I communicate with my angels, but would like your assistance. Is real estate the right place for me? I have just taken on the commitment for 2010. My question expands to know when the first nice sale of the year will be and how to expand my sphere. My husband has just committed also and I wonder if we should team up.

Anything you can learn from my angels will be apppreciated.

Thank you in advance, love and light, Frances

val said...


Anonymous said...

will my finances be improving this year?

I feel so close to my dreams, but everyday I awake to the same reality.

When will Michele call me?
I haven't talked to her in along time
Blessinsg, Diane

debra said...

Hi Michele

I am working on being less judgmental. Have the Angels some guidance for me in this area?


Dianne said...

HI Michelle, I am not sure if I posted in the right spot for the angels. The subject of a return to overseas has come up. Do the angels see this happening? How soon will I need to start packing? Thanks and hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Michele and loving angels.
Thank you for your time with me. I need your guidance.

I have come to accept my loving and giving ways. I enjoy giving from my heart and physical contact. I want the same in return.

Here is my question is about me and my boyfriend Michael W.:

IS My (almost 4 years) boyfriend, Michael IN LOVE with me but holding back showing me his love and affection for fear of being hurt or other reasons??????????
is he simply not in love with me and just using me??????

Is he still looking for or has found another female, but affraid to leave me????

Your answer means so much to me. I am waiting for him to show me affection and use his words of love to I show him. Keeps me worried.

thank you for your precious time and kindness!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele :)

I finally got to your website to post my question to the Angels and ... I would like to know if there would be a possibility for me to have extra income in order for me to travel abroad this year with or without my family, I am thinking specially to Peru.
Thank You so much :)
In Love and Light,

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hello Frankie!!
Thank you so much for your Lovely comments!! You are such a sweet and Light filled woman!!
The Angels want you to know that your Love and Light is very needed there in Illinois right now... they ask you to smile and know that they are always with you!!
They are telling me that sometimes, you get the giggles, and they love it when you do that, they are giggling right along with you!
Many, many blessings to you, and lots of Love!! Thank you for everything!!
Michele and The Angels :)

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hi Christine,
As soon as I read your question the Angesl came rushing in.. I get the feeling of children and animals around you, that energy is very strong...
The Angels say:
"Christine, thank you for coming to us, we love you so much. You have been doing great work for a long time, and we wish to ask you to start to take some time to nurture yourself. You have a good idea of where your focus should be, you are just a tiny bit afraid that maybe you can't do what you really want to do. We are here to tell you that you can. And we are 100% behind you to help you achieve what you want to achieve.
Take a day for yourself, get out in nature, look at the sky, and then listen. We will tell you how to do it, as well!!
We love you so much!
The Angels"

I hope this hlped you, Christine,
Many Blessings,

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hi Toti,
I am so filled with love when I read your post!!
The Angels say:
"Toti, Beloved child, yes you will be going to visit your family this year. We will be bringing you different ways to make extra money, please do not turn the opportunities down. You are a gifted healer and reader for the Angelic Realm. You deserve compensation for your hard work in helping others. Open up and receive what we have been sending you. We love you!!
The Angels"


Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Toti, The Angels also say that they will meet you in Peru and show you a sign of their love with lights.
HHmmmm thats sounds awesome!!

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Sweet Bebe!!
It is so nice to hear from you!
The Angesl wish to rush to answer your questions.....
"Beloved One,
Your concerns are based in a deep fear that tend to color your world. Michael loves you. Your fears that maybe he doesn't love you enough, or the right way, tends to push him away. We are asking you to simply enjoy him each moment that he is with you, And then enjoy each moment that he is not. Your time with yourself is far more precious than you have been giving it credit for. You are a loving a sweet woman, and it is time to turn some of that love onto yourself. We are asking you to nurture yourself. Self Love is where true love with another begins. Are you Self Loving?? When you spend more time Self Loving, you will begin to see more of the love than Michael gives you... and we will help you with this. Every time you have time alone, invite us in, and ask us to share your Self Love time with you.. we will give you an Angelic Love Wash.. feel our energy flowing over and through you filling you with Love. Do this as often as you need to, we never tire of it!!
We love you,
The Angels"

I hope this helped you Bebe!! I love you, too!!

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hello Frances,
Thank you so much for coming to ask your Angels here for guidence, they love to hear from you "out here" as they put it. :)
The Angels say ....
"We love you!! Yes, Real Estate will be good for you this year, and also for your husband. Please be patient for the first three months of the year.. your first big sale will come in April, around the end of April. You will both find that you are busy once Spring arrives. It does not matter if you team up or not, you will both still be helping eachother, and you will both do well financially either way. Do what feels most comfortable and joyful for you. You work best when you are happy and feel like you have some freedom to be creative. We wil be helping you, so keep listening!! We love you so very much!!
The Angels"

I hope this helped! Good luck with the Real Estate, that is wonderful!!

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

I am moving this post from another area so it is in the correct posting space....and so we can answer this for you....
Anonymous said...
2008 and 2009 were extremely hard years for me. I have lost many loved ones and am surprised at times how strong I have remained. Please ask the angels if 2010 will be better. If the little life inside me will be happy, healthy and strong. And if the ones who have passed are together (2 in particular). I worry that some of them are upset that they lost their time on earth. I have a hard time finding peace because of this.

January 17, 2010 8:49 AM

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Sweet One, your concerns are being heard..
The Angels say:
"You are a precious Light to us, Dear One, and just as much as we love you, we are loving and looking after your little ones who returned home to us after their short visit to earth.
Please rest assured that the souls whos path it was to visit earth only for a short time, knew beforehand that this would be the case. They only needed to be there for as long as they were, and no longer. Please set aside your fears, guilt and sorrow, and be joyous that they followed their Divine Path perfectly!!
The precious soul within in you now is nestled safely, we will watch over you.
Please talk to us more, call upon us to help you, and bring more angelic energy into your home and around yourself and your family. The more you think of us and talk to us, the more we can be there!!
We are with you and watching over you, never doubt it. We love you dearly, Blessed One.
The Angels"

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hi Dianne,
Thank you for sharing this on Facebook!!
The Angels wish to share with you....
"Hello, sweet one!! It is so lovely to speak with you here. We Love you so!!
Yes, your Love and Light is needed over seas right now.. will you allow us to come with you to oversee that everything will go along smoothly?
We also wish to tell you, that your stay there is only temporary, and you will be returning in less than two years. We hope this brings you some comfort, and will help you to enjoy this opportunity to grow and expand, yet again!! You have gotten so good at it already. :) We do not have a definite time frame yet for you, things are still falling into place.. possible in the Spring.
Call on us to help you with every little detail. We are at your service!!
The Angels"

I hope this helps!! And I sure hope I will get to see you before you go!! Ot maybe come see you when you are there!! hhhmmmm ... :)
Many Blessings!!

Frances said...

Michele, hello. Interestingly, I went to the site last night very late as I had not heard from the Angels! Today, it is in my inbox! No coincidences there! Thank you for taking blessed time to work with the Angels for me! I work them often, but did not want to mix me with them. Oh! That is the right mix! Me with them, duh! I feel as though we are on the right path and you confirmed their very lovely conciousness to me! Trust, trust, trust. Validation by you have been enlightening and I wish you the best of love and life this day! I hope to see you again soon and utilize your gifts for world good. Hugs, Frances

Anonymous said...

My life is very good and I am so blessed but very lonely. Any guidance to find my love partner?

Thank you!

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hi Debra,
You ask about being judgemental.. the angels say..
"Debra, sweet one,
Thank you for this question as it will help so many others as well. We are always happy to assist you in this area, because we understand how hard it is to not be judgemental while in the earthly experience. One thing we want you to think about each time that you begin to move into being judgemental is this ... everything is multi-layered, and has multiple aspects to it, you see only one aspect, one view of a very large picture. In other words, sometimes you don't know the whole story of what is going on ... souls are eternal, and there are karmic experiences going on in everything that happens. So, to judge something from one point of view, is merely that, just one view. Ask yourself, "what if there is more to this story than I know?" Sometimes that will ease the judgemental nature from coming forward. :)
We Love You!!
The Angels"

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hello Diane,
How are you doing?
The Angels wish to address your financial situation...
"Dearest Diane,
You are such a bright light in the world! We first want to thank you for shining your light so brightly. As to finances.. we ask you to take time each day and do a visionary journey, with us, into the life you wish to have. This is more than just affirmatons, or thinking on it. We are asking you to really activate the creative force of visualization that you have. Take about 20 minute each day, invite us to join you, and then let's go out into the creative substance and live, touch, taste, feel what it is you want to create... live it in your mind as vividly as you can. And do this every day. We will be right there with you to make sure that the God/Goddess energies are activated to bring this into your life!!
We look forward to working with you!
Love and love and love for you always,
The Angels"

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Dearest Valerie,
Thank you for writing... good news from the Angels....
"Dearest Valerie in Illinois... if your husband has not found work now, he will be very soon, within the next week... we have been guiding him as to where to look and where to put his attentions. He has been doing a grand job of it, too!!
Please call upon us for your every need, and then listen to our answers, we are always right there with you!!
Loving you every moment,
The Angels"

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

Hi Maria,
The Angels say....
"We are all living in a time of change, and we wish to bring to your attention that you can do more than one thing at a time... and we will bring you that opportunity..
We ask that you open up your mind a bit, and begin to draw outside the lines.
We are going to be bringing you an income opportunity that you can do along side your schooling.
We love you so much, let us guide you in this, you can have it all.
In Peace,
The Angels"

Gematrian Lighthouse said...

peace be upon yuu